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When you choosefastenersthat are toolarge,too small, toolong, too short, or need to customize special ones,
we can provide you with appropriate solutions

CNC Machining Process

Manufacturer of safety nut


Processing equipment we have
20 automatic bolt manufacturing machines;
13 automatic nut manufacturing machines
20 CNC turning machines;
15 CNC milling machines;
Manual milling machine,
Grinding machine,
Laser engraving machine.

Manufacturer of safety nut


We have testing equipmentTwo-dimensional Imager, CCD Image Detection Equipment Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Tester Electron Microscope, Salt Spray Tester.Surface treatment (such as: polishing,electroplating anodizing, hardening, spraying, etc.);Assembly& Packaging (Assemble multiple products together and check the quality according to customer requirements)

Manufacturer of safety nut

Material specification

Common materials for bolts and Nuts Stainless steel / Carbon steel /Aluminum Alloy /Titanium Alloy We can produce fasteners including:Safety bolts, safety nuts safety thread bolts, one-way bolts, snake eye bolts, thumb screws,step bolts, stand-off screws, tube nuts, flange bolts torx bolts, welding bolts, welding nuts, T-bolts, T-shaped Nuts and other stainless steel bolts, high-strength bolts, aluminum screws, titanium alloy bolts.

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