A2-70 DIN571 Hexagon Self-tapping Screws

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Product Name:A2-70 DIN571 Hexagon Self-tapping Screws
Color: Customizable
Size: Customizable
Processing: Customizable processing
Material: All aluminum stainless steel
Main products: Motorcycle handlebar locks, collars, synchronous wheels, pulleys, knobs, horn nails, heat sinks, anti-theft screws, anti-theft nuts, non-standard screws, non-standard nuts, customized hardware parts

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Shenzhen Jinbang Hardware and Electronics Co., Ltd. main products include motorcycle handlebars, collars, synchronous wheels, 304 316 Nylon Locking Hex Flange Nut,pulleys, knobs, horn nails, heat sinks,A2-70 DIN571 Hexagon Self-tapping Screws, Wholesales Countersunk Head HEX socket Screws and Bolts,anti-theft nuts, non-standard screws, non-standard nuts, and customized hardware parts,Contact information: EMAIL: jazz@jbsy-china.com Tel:+86 189 2643 8760, manufacturer’s direct sales volume is greatly discounted. Welcome to guide and cooperate!

A2-70 DIN571 Hexagon Self-tapping Screws


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