Advantages of Spiralock Safety Nuts

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(1) The first is the good seismic relaxation of Spiralock Safety Nuts. Due to the special structure of Spiralock Safety Nuts, the force of the thread is uniform, and it will not be damaged even if it is subjected to a large impact, and it is not easy to loosen. This is the biggest advantage of Spiralock Safety Nuts. Spiralock Safety Nuts will play a greater anti-loose advantage if used in conjunction with high-strength washers;

(2) As mentioned above, the threads of Spiralock Safety Nuts are uniformly stressed, so they are not easily damaged, which can effectively improve the life of nuts and bolts. In addition, because it is not easy to loosen, the machine will not be damaged due to loose connections, collisions or even falling off between parts, which can effectively reduce mechanical maintenance and unnecessary losses. This is because it has this advantage, which makes up for the slightly higher cost of Spiralock Safety Nuts. Although the price of Spiralock Safety Nuts is slightly higher than that of ordinary nuts, Spiralock Safety Nuts have a long life and good effect, which can effectively reduce maintenance and replacement, so the economy is relatively better, and ultimately the cost is indeed reduced;

(3) Due to the better material and structure of Spiralock Safety Nuts, it is not easy to be deformed or even damaged. Therefore, under normal circumstances, after it completes its original mission, it can still be used, effectively saving resources;

(4) Because of its relatively good material, the Spirax safety nut will not be deformed by the influence of the environment, especially it is little affected by temperature, so its use range is very wide, especially suitable for engines, engineering vehicles inside the chassis;

(5) The Spirax safety nut is a free-rotating nut, so it is very easy to install, and only a large torque needs to be applied when it is finally tightened. Therefore, the Spirax safety nut is a convenient installation, The labor intensity of installation workers is greatly reduced after long-term use.

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