Properties Of Stainless Steel Security Nut Bolt Fasteners

Anti Theft Nuts and Bolts/ Tamper Proof Stainless Steel Security Bolt

Stainless steel Security Nut Bolt Fasteners are mainly made of stainless steel wire as raw material, and then in accordance with the steps of the production of standard parts for pier playing and so on a series of processes. The use of stainless steel for manufacturing fastener products has been very popular. JINGBANG, as a trusted Security Nut Bolt Fasteners supplier, is glad to share with you the main properties of stainless steel fasteners.

The High-temperature resistance of stainless steel fasteners.
Because the hardness of stainless steel itself is relatively strong, the fasteners after production have a strong oxidation resistance. And it also works well at high temperatures without much interference from high temperatures. If passivation can be carried out at the same time after manufacturing, the effect will become better and better.

The physical properties of stainless steel fasteners.
Stainless steel fasteners have a relatively high resistivity, compared with carbon steel wire, we can see that the resistivity of stainless steel fasteners is five times higher than that of carbon steel. There is an expansion coefficient in the standard parts, after testing we know that if the temperature is higher, then the expansion coefficient of stainless steel fasteners will have a certain improvement.

The force capacity of stainless steel fasteners.
Stainless steel fasteners, can withstand the load is relatively moderate, which can not be compared with high-strength bolts, but also meet the normal needs of people.

The mechanical properties of stainless steel fasteners.
We can know that the mechanical properties have a great relationship with the wire of stainless steel, such as rust resistance and high corrosion resistance. With the continuous development of standard parts, these mechanical properties also become stronger and stronger.

Fasteners are characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performances and use, and a high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization. The materials commonly used to make fasteners are carbon steel, low alloy steel and non-ferrous metals.

As a professional Security Nut Bolt Fasteners manufacturer, we can provide you with different kinds of fasteners, including stainless steel fasteners, carbon steel Security Nut Bolt Fasteners and so on. If you need wholesale fasteners, please contact us.

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