What are the screws for mobile phones?

What are the screws for mobile phones?

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I believe everyone has seen some small screws on their phones to some extent. Do you know what types of screws there are in mobile phones? What are the characteristics?
next. The editor will take you into the phone screws to learn more!
As we all know, most of the screws used on mobile phones are small countersunk and flat head screws, and they are usually coated with glue to prevent slipping and prevent customers from disassembling them themselves. The material is mostly stainless steel, and the screw heads of mobile phones such as OPPO, Apple, and Huawei are also treated with CD patterns, making the surface of the screws very beautiful.
The groove types of mobile phone screws prefer to use irregular grooves such as plum blossom grooves to prevent users from disassembling. Most of these are non-standard screws that require customized production. Mobile phone screws and some electronic product screws are also different from other products, and have high requirements for material and processing technology.

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What are the screws for mobile phones?