What are the types of Security fasteners?

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What are fasteners?
A fastener is a general term for a class of mechanical parts, used for fastening two or more parts (or components) together into a whole. It is characterized by a wide variety
of specifications, different performances and uses, and the degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization is also extremely high. Therefore, it is also called
the existing national standard of a class of fasteners for standard fasteners or referred to as standard parts.

What are the types of fasteners?

Fasteners usually include the following 8 kinds of parts:Security Bolt,Security Screw,Security Nut,Tapping Security screw,Washer, Rivet, Assemblies and connection pairs
, Welding nut
1. Security Bolt

A bolt is a type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with external threads). It should be fitted with a nut for fastening and connecting two parts with a
through-the-hole. This form of connection is called bolt connection. If the nut is removed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a
detachable connection.

2. Security Screw

The screw is also a kind of fastener composed of two parts: head and screw. According to the purpose, it can be divided into three categories: machine screw, set screw, and
special purpose screw. Machine screws are mainly used for a tight connection between a part with a tight threaded hole and a part with a through hole, without a nut fit. This
connection form is called a screw connection, and also belongs to the detachable connection. It can also be fitted with a nut for a tight connection between two parts with a
through hole. The set screw is mainly used to fix the relative position between two parts. Special-purpose screws such as lifting ring screws are used for lifting parts.

3. Security Nut

Nuts are fasteners with internally threaded holes, whose shapes are generally shown as a flat hexagon column, flat square column, or flat cylindrical fasteners. A nut with a
bolt, stud, or machine screw is used to fasten two parts together into a whole.

4. Tapping Security screw

Tapping screws are similar to machine screws, but the threads on the screw of the tapping screw are for special tapping screw threads. Self-tapping screws are used to fasten
and connect two thin metal components so that they become whole. The holes need to be made in advance on the components. Because of the high hardness of this screw, it can be
directly screwed into the holes of the components, so that the internal threads in the component are formed in response.

5. Washer

The washer is a kind of fastener with an oblate annular shape. It is placed between the supporting surface of bolts, screws, or nuts and the connecting parts’ surface,
playing a role in increasing the contact surface area of the connected parts, reducing the pressure per unit area, and protecting the surface of the connected parts from being
damaged. Another type of elastic washer can also play a role in preventing the nut to loosen.

6. Rivet

A rivet is a kind of fastener composed of two parts: the head and the nail rod. It is used to fasten the parts (or components) connecting two through holes to make it into aS
whole. This form of connection is called rivet connection, or riveting for short. Belongs to the non-removable connection. Because to separate the two parts that are joined
together, you have to break the rivets on the parts.

7. Assemblies and connection pairs

Assembly is a kind of fastener that is supplied in combination, such as a certain machine screw (or bolt, self-supplied screw) and a flat washer (or spring washer, lock
washer). Coupling pair refers to a class of fasteners that are supplied in combination with a special bolt, nut, and washer, such as high-strength large hexagon head bolt
coupling pair for steel structures.

8. Welding nut

Welding studs belong to a fastener with high strength stiffness connection. Welding studs are short for Cheese head studs for arc stud welding.

The welding stud is a special fastener composed of a smooth rod and a nail head (or no nail head). Generally, it is required to be fixed and connected to a part (or component)
by welding so that it can be connected with other parts.

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