10 methods of anti-loosening safety bolts (1) double nuts

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10 methods of anti-loosening safety bolts (1) double nuts

As a tool commonly used in fixtures, bolts are widely used, but long-term use will also bring many problems,

 such as loose connection, insufficient clamping force, and rusted bolts. During the processing and production

 of parts, the quality and efficiency of processing will be affected due to the loose connection of bolts. So how

 to prevent the bolt from loosening? Anti-loose purpose: to work more effectively for a long time; to improve 

the reliability of related workpieces.


The principle of anti-loosening nuts on the top: when double nuts are locked, two friction surfaces are 

generated. The first friction surface is between the nut and the fastened part, and the second friction 

surface is between the nut and the nut. During installation, the pretightening force of the first friction 

force surface is 80% of the second friction force surface. When impact and vibration loads are applied, 

the friction force on the first friction force surface will decrease and disappear, but at the same time, 

the first nut will be compressed to further increase the friction force on the second friction force surface. 

To loosen the nut, the first friction force and the second friction force must be overcome, because the 

second friction force will increase while the first friction force decreases. In this way, the anti-loosening 

effect will be better.


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