Custom Safety Nuts, Safety Bolt Fasteners and Machine Parts Manufacturing

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Custom Safety Nuts, Safety Bolt Fasteners and Machine Parts Manufacturing

JINGBANG is committed to supplying all your afety Nuts, Safety Bolt fastener, retaining hardware, and power transmission component needs. That’s why, in addition to a vast stock of industrial fasteners and machine parts from leading manufacturers, we also offer engineering support and custom machine parts manufacturing.
Our engineering support specialists work with you to develop custom solutions, which we manufacture in our state-of-the-art in-house machine shop. We support a comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities and operations, enabling us to rapidly supply the parts you need:
Power transmission components for gearboxes, gear reducers, electric motors, and mechanical devices
Springs and retainers for rigging, power transmission, valves, and engines
afety Nuts, Safety Bolt Fasteners and connectors
Pins and linkage parts
Read on to learn about our custom manufacturing capabilities

Why Choose JINGBANG for Custom Fastener and Machine Part Manufacturing?
Custom manufacturing capabilities are just one component of Huyett’s comprehensive design, production, and delivery service. If you choose us to manufacture your custom Safety Nuts, Safety Bolt fasteners and machine components, you also benefit from:
Engineering support from our highly-skilled Sales Engineers and machine operators.
Rapid prototyping to ensure parts meet your needs before they go into production.
Short run capabilities: We’re happy to accommodate short runs and low order minimums for custom parts.
Sourcing raw materials, whether from our extensive materials inventory or third parties.
Quality assurance with a rigorous Quality Management System to maintain the highest possible standards for manufacturing and customer service.
Packaging, marking, and labeling of custom fasteners and parts to meet the requirements of your business.
Our custom manufacturing processes are designed to get you the parts you need, when you need them, at the lowest possible cost. Contact our sales team today to get started.

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