Customized stainless steel screws Manufacturer provides non-standard stainless steel screws

Customized screws Manufacturer provides non-standard stainless steel screws

Non standard stainless steel screws are different from standard parts on the market, so when customizing non standard stainless steel screws, how do we select the type based on the head of the screw?

  1. Countersunk head
    This type of head shape should be considered to be very popular because it does not protrude from the surface of the product and affect the appearance of the product after being screwed into the product, which is mostly used on the outside of the product.
  2. Semi countersunk head
    Some have square necks or tenons under their heads to prevent rotation when rotating screws and nuts. The head has a slot and a cross slot with smaller diameter specifications, and the diameter d is generally below M10.
  1. Pan head
    Pan head screws can have slotted, cross recessed, and plum blossom grooves on their heads, mainly for the convenience of using tools for screwing. They are mostly used in products with low strength and low torque, and are generally used in small size host products such as household appliances.
  2. Hexagonal head
    Hexagon head is also a common head type in screw fasteners. Some hexagon head fasteners also have a table, a hole, a boss, and a flange surface. Hexagon head screws have high mechanical properties and are easy to tighten with a wrench. It can also apply a large tightening torque and is widely used. The bearing surface is provided with a boss or a hexagon head screw with a flange surface, and it also serves as a gasket. Increasing the pressure bearing surface has a good anti loosening effect. It can also be used for connecting steel structures and important host structures.
  1. Semicircular head
    Generally, slotted half round head screws are mostly used in situations where the space is small and the force is not large, while flat round heads are mostly used for the connection and fixation of thin-walled component plate structures.
  2. Large flat head
    The function of square neck and tenon is to fix the screw, while the screwing device is to fasten the connection of metal parts.
  1. Square head screw
    The square head screw has a large head area, which facilitates wrench tightening and rotation. It can apply a large tightening torque without being easily loosened, and is mostly used on structures that are relatively thick and often disassembled, but is not suitable for components that often require disassembly and movement.
  2. Hexagon socket head, flower head
    Its function is the same as that of a countersunk head in the field of use, but its strength and tightening torque are greater than those of a countersunk head.

The above are common head types of non-standard stainless steel screw fasteners. When customizing non-standard stainless steel screws, you can customize corresponding non-standard screw head types based on the actual use of the product. As a professional customized manufacturer of non-standard stainless steel screws in Shenzhen, our company mainly produces non-standard stainless steel screws, long screws, titanium screws, small screws, etc

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Customized stainless steel screws Manufacturer provides non-standard stainless steel screws