Bolt customization factory customized non-standard shaped bolts

Bolt customization factory customized non-standard shaped bolts

JINGBANG is a professional customized manufacturer of special-shaped bolts in Shenzhen. Our company mainly produces non-standard special-shaped bolts, long bolts, titanium bolts, small bolts, and stainless steel bolts
Stainless steel non-standard bolts are the most common screw fasteners in life, and are used in every aspect of life. Although stainless steel shaped bolts may seem simple, stainless steel bolts include a variety of materials, head types, groove types, threads, and prices.
Therefore, as a manufacturer of stainless steel non-standard bolts, when a customer needs to customize non-standard bolts, it is important to check the information provided by the customer and relevant non-standard screw customization requirements before starting production, to avoid causing significant losses.
The so-called non-standard bolts, that is, bolts without national specifications are called non-standard bolts, which are generally used in special occasions and special purposes.
Compared to standard bolts, non-standard shaped bolts exhibit superior characteristics in many aspects. In the face of huge market demand, we need to keep up with the development of the times and the pace of social development. Non standard shaped bolts are bound to be a trend product.
Advantages of customized shaped bolts:

  1. Customizing shaped bolts can be used in different application natural environments. Customizing shaped screw standard parts with different specifications, models, specifications, and characteristics based on different application natural environments is very common. Special shaped screws are essential for industrial production in daily life: small screws for applications such as digital cameras, myopia glasses, clocks, and electronic devices; Common screws for televisions, electrical equipment, handicrafts, traditional musical instruments, furniture, etc; For engineering projects, engineering buildings, and highway bridges, large and medium-sized screws and screw caps shall be used; Transportation equipment, airports, electric vehicles, cars, etc. are used together with size screws. Screws undertake key daily tasks in industrial production, and if there is industrial production in the universe, the role of screws is ultimately crucial.
  2. In addition to the effect of tightening the connection, special-shaped bolts also have the necessary aesthetic and generous effect. Some special-shaped screws must be exposed (exposed) due to the design of the product. Customizing special-shaped screws can make the appearance of the screws neat and beautiful, and the appearance design is unique and personalized. The special-shaped screw is a special tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of the slope circular rotation and sliding friction of a block to tighten the parts of a tool from the shallow to the deep. It can also add a lot of points to the product.
  3. The customization of special-shaped bolts can take into account the company’s requirements. Can you imagine whether it is easy to change the product due to a small screw, or whether to customize this screw based on the product’s requirements. I think everyone knows from the bottom of their hearts that customized screws can be customized according to product requirements, saving time for company product development and design solutions, and improving work efficiency.
  4. The application of special-shaped bolts can save companies a lot of installation time. For example, some manufacturers of electronic devices and household appliances that use standard screw components, customized special-shaped screws can greatly improve the efficiency of screwing, maximize profits, reduce labor services, and save companies’ costs.

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Bolt customization factory customized non-standard shaped bolts