Disassembly method after stainless steel bolts and nuts are bitten

Stainless Steel Bolts and Nuts

Once the stainless steel bolts and nuts are seized, it is difficult to separate them, and can only be removed destructively, the bolts are often cut off and the bolts and nuts are replaced. However, in some cases, if the diameter of the bolt is large, it is extremely inconvenient to truncate, or the bolt is a pre-embedded structure, once the bolt is damaged, it is extremely inconvenient to replace. Therefore, it is of practical significance to find some methods that can quickly separate the dead fasteners or remove the nuts without destroying the bolts.

      Combining with the actual application situation, several dismantling methods are given in the case of the seizure of stainless steel bolts and nuts.

1) Use thread loosening agent (such as kerosene, lubricating loose, etc.) for lubrication. When working, spray the loosening agent on the threaded connection part, let the loosening agent penetrate into the threaded connection part as much as possible, and tap the circumference of the nut with a tool such as a rubber hammer to make the threaded connection vibrate. After spraying the loosening agent for about 30 minutes , try to remove the nut. Through practical application, it can be found that this method has obvious effect on dismantling rusted fasteners, but has limited effect on thread tightening and dismantling.

2) For the nut that cannot be disassembled after spraying the loosening agent, you can try the thermal expansion method, that is, use a tool such as a welding torch to heat the nut to expand the nut, and then remove the nut. The use of this method is limited to a certain extent, and it is necessary to consider whether there is a hot space around the fastener, and whether the surrounding of the fastener and the connected parts can withstand high temperature and high heat.

3) For the bolts and nuts that have been bitten, special tools (such as nut splitters, etc.) can be used to disassemble them directly. When the nut splitter is used for operation, the nut splitter is sleeved on the nut, and the cutter head is pushed by mechanical force or hydraulic pressure to split the nut, thereby separating the nut and the bolt. The method is convenient and quick, especially the hydraulic system is used to advance the cutter head, which saves time and effort. However, it should be noted that to keep the bolt from being damaged and only remove the nut, some improvements should be made in the operation method. Because at the moment when the cutter head splits the nut, due to inertia, the cutter head also leaves an indentation on the bolt stud, and the feed speed of the cutter head is controlled as much as possible during the instant application process, and a certain mark is still left on the bolt. The field test found that only the nut was squeezed, and it stopped immediately after a small amount of deformation, and the nut had visible deformation, and the nut could be removed without any damage to the bolt thread.

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