Find the Right Nut and Bolt Sizes for Your Project

Nuts and bolts are used together as fasteners in various hobby, vehicle and household projects. The nut, or a washer _ which is flatter than a nut _ holds the bolt tight. There are common bolt types for specific applications, according to

Carriage bolts: Used for woodworking projects when you don’t want a protruding fastener

Stove bolt: General fastener with slotted heads and threaded bodies

Machine/Hex bolts: Also a general fastener used with ratchets and wrenches

J-bolts, U-bolts and eyebolts: Used as hooks

There are also various nuts, and washers, that you can get to know, according to

Lock nut: Has a hex head and threaded to prevent loosening up

Wing nut: Used if you’re removing and replacing frequently because the nut can be removed by hand

Hex or square nut: Most common nut with square or hex-shaped head

Flat washer: Common washer to prevent leaking from bolted part

Lock washer: Has teeth for gripping bolt

Nuts and bolts come in strong materials and different grades, according to

Stainless steel: Most costly but won’t corrode; steel-plated are best for outdoor use

Galvanized: Coated in zinc to resist corrosion

Grade 8 bolts: Hardened for extreme strength and safety

Grade 5 bolts: Not as strong as grade 8 bolts; suitable for indoor use


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