How strong are socket head cap screws?

stainless socket screws are made from stainless steel. stainless screws offer excellent resistance to rust and corrosion from acids, organic substances, salt solutions and atmospheres. Superior properties attained with stainless steel include retention of a high percentage of tensile strength and good creep resistance up to 800°F. without scaling or oxidation, and good shock and impact resistance to temperatures as low as –300°F.non-magnetic – Valuable in certain electrical applications. Maximum permeability is 1.2 Can be reduced to 1.02 by bright annealing. cleanliness – Corrosion resistant
characteristics of screws are useful in chemical, food processing, appliance, paper, textile, packaging and pharmaceutical industries,

as well as laboratories, hospitals, etc. eye-appeal – Bright, non-tarnishing qualities add to appearance and salability of many products; are valuable assets to designers. Standard processing of stainless steel socket screws includes a passivation surface treatment which removes any surface contaminations.

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