This is how you should choose nuts!

4-hole anti-theft nut

Screws are common fasteners in life. As one of the fastening functional components, the nut cannot be underestimated. Its working principle is to use the friction force between the nut and the bolt for self-locking, and to play a tightening role by screwing together with the bolt or screw.

  1. Thickened material selection, durable and screw-resistant.

High-quality material selection is the foundation of casting quality. Selected high-strength material, thick material, repeated tempering, the nut is strong and durable, extremely resistant to twisting, not broken or deformed.

  1. Surface electroplating, anti-rust and anti-corrosion

Using precision electroplating process, a “metal film” is formed on the surface of the nut to prevent corrosion and rust and improve wear resistance. The plated nut is more textured and durable.

  1. Deep thread and strong tightening force

The inner and outer threads are deep, the tooth spacing is evenly stressed, the embedding is deeper, the anchorage is stronger, and it is stable and not easy to slip. The threads are neat and clear, the positioning is accurate and fast, and the installation is easier.

  1. Scientific design, fine polishing

The overall design of the nut is scientific, the head size is standard, and the bite is tight and does not slip. The craftsmanship is precise, the grinding is meticulous, the surface is smooth without burrs, and the installation is easy and convenient.

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