Screw production cycle?

Screw production cycle,As a professional manufacturer of customized screws for more than 10 years, I have encountered many customer inquiries about the delivery date. Today, I will talk about some relevant factors that affect the screw production cycle, and make corresponding plans for purchasing screws.

Like ordinary screws, with existing mold materials, they can generally be produced in five to ten days. However, non-standard screws are different. If the customer directly provides drawings, the progress will be slightly faster. If there is a direct verbal description or if no sample is provided, the person responsible for the project will need to provide the corresponding drawings. After confirming the drawings of both parties, start ordering molds and materials. The process is different for different suppliers at different times. If the mold and material are suitable, it will come out quickly, otherwise it needs to be redone.

Screw production cycle?

The production time of the screw itself is not long. If the mold opening time, proofing time, confirmation sample time, surface treatment, hardening time, and shipping time are included, the time will be slightly longer. The production process and cycle of different non-standard products are also different.

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