What are the parts of a fastener?

Metal fasteners are an integral part of manufacturing, construction, and even simple day-to-day applications from simple staples to heavy-duty attachments used in aerospace manufacturing. Metal fasteners are usually separated into two distinct groups – those that produce a permanent bond and those requiring either a releasable or a sliding bond.

Examples of metal fasteners that create a permanent bond are screws, rivets, clamps, retaining rings or bolts. Non-permanent fasteners are items like quick-release couplers and pins that allow the movement of fastened parts.

What Are Metal Fasteners?
Metal fasteners are used to join multiple components, whether they’re made from sheet metal, plastics or some other material. They are available in a wide range of standard shapes, sizes, materials, and purposes, and can also be produced custom for specific needs.

Uses For Metal Fasteners
The primary benefit of metal fasteners is that they are able to bear significant loads before reaching a breaking point. Metal fasteners can typically be classified in one of two ways:

Light-Duty metal fasteners are used in standard commercial applications and even in some medical items, for example pet buckles, hip pins, tactical products, tent applications, bags, and straps to name a few.
Heavy-Duty fasteners are standard in manufacturing or hefty applications, like vehicle and aircraft cargo tie-downs. Some of these metal fasteners can sustain loads of 750 pounds and more before hitting a breaking point.

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