What are the ways to prevent safe bolts and safe nuts at work?

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What are the ways to prevent safe bolts and safe nuts at work?

Generally, the connection between bolts and nuts has self-locking properties, and will not loosen by itself when subjected to static loads and small changes in operating temperature. However, under the action of shock, vibration or variable load, and when the working temperature does not change much, this connection may become loose, affect the work, and even cause accidents. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the connection, effective anti-loosening measures must be taken for the connection between the safety bolt and the safety nut.

  1. The specification and size should be selected correctly. A slightly larger or smaller bolt may be barely usable at the moment, but it will loosen or lock up after a long time.
  2. Special engineering plastics are processed on the screw teeth, so that during the locking process of the screw and nut, strong frictional torque and reaction force are generated due to the extrusion of engineering plastics, resulting in full-tooth pitch contact, providing absolute protection against vibration. The resistance makes ordinary screws become permanent and powerful anti-loosening screws, completely solving the problem of loosening of screw-to-screw connections.
  3. Anti-loosening method to increase friction. This kind of anti-loosening method is to prevent the tightened threads from losing pressure due to changes in external loads, so there is always frictional resistance to prevent the connection from loosening. Anti-loosening methods to increase friction include installing spring washers and using double nuts.
  4. Mechanical anti-loosening. This kind of anti-loosening method is to use various stop parts to prevent the relative rotation of the thread and the parts to achieve anti-loosening. Mechanical anti-loosening is more reliable, so it is widely used. Commonly used mechanical anti-loosening measures include cotter pins and slot nuts, stop washers and round nuts, stop washers and nuts, and Shenlian steel wires.
  5. An anti-loosening method that cannot be disassembled. The nut is fixed on the bolt or the connected part by means of tack welding, spot riveting, etc., and the screw can be fixed on the connected part to achieve the effect of anti-loosening.

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