What Is The Difference Between A Bolt And A Screw?

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A bolt is a type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with external threads) with a hexagonal head and is generally large.

The screw is a type of fastener consisting of two parts: the head and the screw. The head is usually a groove, a cross groove, and the inner and outer hexagons are also many, generally small.

The applications of fastener bolts and screws are different.
Bolts are generally used in pairs with nuts for through holes and can be easily replaced after damage.

Screws usually connect two objects directly without the need for nuts. Generally speaking, the connectors should be drilled and tapped first. Screws are mostly used for blind holes, and the connected parts are rarely removed.

Fastener bolts and screws use different tools.
Bolts are generally used with tools such as wrenches.

Screws generally use subclass tools.

Fastener bolts and screws are fastened in different ways.
Bolts are usually used in conjunction with nuts or screwed into finished bolt holes.

Screws: In addition to the two fastening methods of bolts, there are self-tapping screws. A self-tapping screw is directly screwed into the soft material of the workpiece, without processing the bolt hole, such as the wood screw we said is this kind of screw.

Fastener bolts and screws are used on different occasions.
Bolts do not require high accuracy unless they are fitted. Generally speaking, the bolt is convenient to disassemble, low processing accuracy is not limited by the connection material, and is widely used. The required bolt can bear the transverse load. Screws are compact in structure, but cannot be removed often and cannot withstand large forces.

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