What material is the riveting safety nut? How to install the riveting safety nut?

The rivet safety nut

The appearance of the riveting safety nut has replaced some traditional welding processing methods, and solved the connection of some difficult-to-weld equipment and machine parts, so that it can better achieve the fixing effect and connection effect, so the riveting nut is in great demand. Also very popular. So do you really understand this nut? Let’s go to the article to see what material the rivet nut is and how to install the rivet nut. I believe you must have gained a lot!

1. What material is the rivet safety nut?
The rivet safety nut, also known as the rivet nut, can be divided into flat head rivet screw, countersunk head rivet nut, small countersunk head rivet nut, and half-six rivet nut. then you know

Common materials for rivet nuts are: 316 stainless steel, 316L stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, carbon steel (08A), aluminum, copper.

2. How to install the rivet safety nut?

1. First determine whether the accessories are assembled correctly, check the nozzle screw, and whether the head according to the size of the rivet nut and the rivet bolt are firmly connected.

2. Pay attention to the change of length and displacement, and adjust the operating lever correctly.

3. The nut scale ring can be adjusted according to the needs. When adjusting the length, open the two arms so that the exposed length is greater than the length of the rivet nut, and then adjust the tightness of the nut.

4. What we should pay attention to is to take out the bakelite, pull the nut sleeve out of the end, and rotate it firmly, and turn the upper bolt. Firmly press the double handle, turn and tighten the nut hole, protect the head bolt, and make sure that it is not damaged or damaged due to lack of firmness.

When installing, be sure to use rivet nuts, and be careful not to hurt your hands, and pay attention to the safety of your hands during installation. The riveted safety nut is an industrial application, a fastener used in aviation, machinery manufacturing, etc. Because the rivet nut has some good effects, it can improve work efficiency, and it is also very practical and convenient. It is an irreplaceable accessory, and it is widely used in various fields.

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