Talking about the principle of locking safety nut

The locking safety nut is widely used, with relatively large fastening force. The disadvantage is that there should be enough operating space during installation. A monkey wrench or an open wrench can be used during installation. There are generally two kinds of nuts, one is iron, that is, carbon steel. One is stainless steel, and of course there are copper and aluminum nuts, but these are less used. Copper is more or less useful, while aluminum nuts are rarely used.

5 angle groove nut
5 angle groove nut

The eyeglass wrench above the wrench needs a lot of space to operate. The hexagon in the cylinder head is the most widely used safety nut among all safety nuts, because it has a large tightening force and can be operated with an internal hexagon wrench. It is easy to install and almost applicable to various structures. The appearance is more beautiful and tidy.

locking safety nut consists of two parts, each with a staggered cam. It is permanently attached to the thread with special engineering plastics, which makes the internal and external threads produce strong reaction force when they are squeezed during the tightening process, greatly increasing the friction between the internal and external threads and providing absolute resistance to vibration. It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance and uses, and a high degree of generalization. Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical basic components, with a large demand.If you need to loosen the safety nut, please contact by

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