10 methods of anti-loosening safety bolts (3) Self-locking safety nuts

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10 methods of anti-loosening safety bolts (1) Self-locking safety nuts

As a tool commonly used in fixtures, bolts are widely used, but long-term use will also bring many problems, such as loose connection, insufficient clamping force, and rusted bolts. During the processing and production of parts, the quality and efficiency of processing will be affected due to the loose connection of bolts. So how to prevent the bolt from loosening? Anti-loose purpose: to work more effectively for a long time; to improve the reliability of related workpieces.


Self-locking nuts are generally self-locking by friction, which are divided into: high-strength self-locking nuts for road construction machinery, mining machinery, vibration machinery and equipment, nylon self-locking nuts for aerospace, aviation, tanks, mining machinery, etc. , used for swimming self-locking nuts and spring clamp self-locking nuts on products whose working pressure is not greater than 2 atm and the working medium is gasoline, kerosene, water or air, and the service temperature is -50~100°C. 


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