How can we find good non-standard customized customers for bolts?

Many salespeople who sell non-standard customized screws often complain, otherwise the customer has no demand, and there will be no future without asking the price. In fact, most sales have the following situations: if you can’t find good users, you spend a lot of time but don’t get the corresponding benefits. The editor believes that it is not difficult to find good users, just grasp the following aspects:

1、 Demand. To sell non-standard customized screws, it is necessary to first analyze the customer’s needs and whether there is any demand for our company’s products. This can analyze customers online in advance to see if the product meets their needs.
2、 Whether the user has the willingness and ability to purchase. After having a demand, when dealing with users, it is necessary to clarify in advance whether the user has the willingness and ability to pay the bill.
3、 Have decision-making power. With the willingness and ability to demand and purchase, the next step is to determine the non-standard customization of screws, which is decided by people with decision-making power.

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