What are the main applications of anti loosening bolts?

What are the main applications of anti loosening bolts?

In ordinary life, we often use screws in many places. Next, let me tell you about the common anti loosening bolts in life?

Aluminum alloy window anti loosening screw
Generally, aluminum alloys such as this type are plated with carbon steel and nickel. There are many cross shaped fixing screw heads for locks. This type of head is not only very common, but also convenient for disassembly. The screws used to fix the frame are mostly plum blossom or plum blossom with columns. This kind of thing is not easily removable in order to ensure that it can be imitated as theft, and it is also commonly referred to as anti-theft screws.

Anti loosening screws on clothes and jeans
Denim is an enduring fashion trend, and everyone has more or less a few pairs of denim clothes or jeans. I wonder if everyone has noticed that there are many buttons on clothes and pants. Some things are for fixing pants, and some just serve as decoration. Some screw heads are simple in shape, and some screws are labeled before entering the screw industry, I never imagined how these hardware were produced. Since entering our company, I have found that the production of these buttons is very cumbersome and complex.
In addition to the above two types, there are many places in our daily life where we use anti loosening screws, which can be seen everywhere.


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What are the main applications of anti loosening bolts?