How to quote for non-standard customization of bolts?

I have been engaged in the field of bolt manufacturing for a long time, and I am familiar with the quotation process. However, some customers often come to inquire about the price, and it is unclear that the non-standard customized manufacturing process for screws is the main factor affecting the price. Let me introduce it to you below

How to quote for non-standard customization of bolts?

Material: refers to the material processed and molded by non-standard customization of screws

Surface requirements: the subsequent processing of the blank after non-standard customization of the screw. Whether the product needs heat treatment, electrogalvanizing or nickel plating, dacromet, chromium plating, passivation treatment, etc. These cost quotations can be based on area or kilogram. It is necessary to understand clearly, otherwise the prices will vary greatly.

Production process: such as turning or cold heading, if the customer states that the product quantity is relatively large, it is best to determine the cold heading process, which involves the cost of opening the cold heading mold and the production cycle of large goods.

Required Quantity: The total quantity of non-standard customized screws required by customers. We are committed to reducing customer procurement costs, as the production costs can only be reduced if the quantity increases.

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