How to save costs by customizing non-standard bolts?

With the continuous development of the fastener industry, the range of non-standard screw customization applications has become increasingly common. When it comes to non-standard screws, mold opening is generally required during production, mainly because many screw manufacturers produce standard parts and have corresponding molds, but non-standard screws generally require mold opening to complete. Today, I would like to talk to you about how non-standard screw customization can save costs?

There are two main production methods for non-standard customization of screws, one is cold heading, and the other is turning. Sometimes, when the number of screws is not very large, and the number of subsequent orders is not very large, production can be carried out by CNC. Because if the number is not large, using the cold heading method, the cost of the mold is too high, and many customers cannot accept it. Moreover, the start-up cost of multi-station machines is also high, and customers cannot accept it.

However, when the number of non-standard customized screws is large, or the number is not large in the early stage, but the number will increase in the later stage, cold heading production can be selected, that is, through mold opening to complete the production of screws. Because when the number of screws increases, the cost of cold heading will decrease, and when a certain number of screws are reached, the mold fee will generally be refunded, so the cost will also decrease significantly.

How to save costs by customizing non-standard bolts?

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