How to judge the quality of stainless steel screw manufacturers?

When it comes to stainless steel screw manufacturers, most people’s fixed thinking is to make screws. In fact, stainless steel screw manufacturers have a relatively wide range of production, such as accessories, parts, screws, or aluminum screws for some mechanical equipment, which are now used more frequently. So now that there are so many stainless steel screw manufacturers, how do you choose to judge whether a stainless steel screw manufacturer is good or bad? Let’s have a brief chat today:

  1. Have machinery and equipment specialized in the production of screw products, such as common head screw machines, tooth rubbing machines, and other equipment.

  2. The raw materials for screws should be good, that is, the quality of screw wires used by stainless steel screw manufacturers should meet the requirements, and unqualified raw materials should not be used.
  3. The screw detection equipment is relatively advanced and complete. For example, there should be salt spray testing machines, torsion meters, hardness testers, and so on.
  4. The electroplating factory cooperated with the stainless steel screw manufacturer is better. It is necessary to find a better electroplating factory. The electroplating screws must meet environmental requirements and meet the salt spray test time required by the customer.

  5. The manufacturer of stainless steel screws should have an advantage in price and cannot exceed the market price. Difficult customization of non-standard screws requires reasonable pricing based on the difficulty of the screws, which is also highly valued by screw procurement personnel.

  6. The manufacturer of stainless steel screws should keep up with the service, and the after-sales service is also highly valued by procurement personnel.

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