Cd screw manufacturers can improve product quality by paying attention to this point

CD pattern screws are often used on exterior components such as mobile phones, watches, and bags because of their beautiful appearance. However, some customers said that they had previously found other CD pattern screw manufacturers to customize CD pattern screws, but the appearance was very ugly. Why is this?

If a screw with a CD pattern is made but the appearance of the screw is not good, it can be ruled out that there are defects in the appearance, such as cracks and dents. When the manufacturer of the CD pattern screw produces a punch with an R angle, the appearance of the CD pattern screw produced using this type of punch is not good.

Therefore, when producing cd pattern screws, the master needs to be careful not to use a punch with an R angle for production. The semi-finished product of the CD pattern screw produced in this way will have a beautiful appearance after being machined into the CD pattern.

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