The manufacturer of locking screws tells you to pay attention to two issues when customizing them

When we want our accessories not to loosen easily when assembled with screws, we need to use locking screws. However, the manufacturer of locking screws tells you to pay attention to the following issues when customizing locking screws, otherwise quality issues will arise.

One is that when the screw thread diameter is too small, the lock screw manufacturer does not recommend applying glue to the surface to achieve the lock effect. When the screw is small, the torque of the screw will not be large, and when the surface of the screw is coated with glue, we will use a greater torque to tighten the screw when using this screw. During this process, screws can easily break, and customers may feel that it is a problem with the screw manufacturer that causes quality problems with the screws.

The second is that if the length of the screw is too short, it is not recommended to apply glue to the surface. “Because dispensing requires using an object to clamp the screw, it is too short to dispense, and even if it is barely possible to dispense, there will not be much scope for dispensing.”. At that time, the anti loosening effect may be discounted.

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