Stainless steel bolt manufacturers teach you how to accept bolts?

As a manufacturer of stainless steel screws, the screws are delivered to the customer’s warehouse, and the customer needs to accept them before warehousing. How do you accept stainless steel screws? The manufacturer of stainless steel screws will introduce how to inspect:

Stainless steel bolt manufacturers teach you how to accept bolts?
Hexagon socket bolt with cylindrical head
  1. Is the name, specification, and model of the customer’s screw the same as the purchase order they placed, and whether the packaging meets the requirements.
  2. The customer will see if the appearance of the screws is beautiful, if there are any bumps, if there are any screw threads that are not properly screwed, or if they are not fully screwed.
  3. The customer will test whether the product meets the requirements through special testing tools. For example, use a caliper to check the specifications and dimensions of screws, a go/no go gauge to check whether the screw teeth are qualified, a salt spray machine to test whether the electroplating salt spray time is qualified, a torque meter to test whether the screw torque meets the standard, and a hardness meter to test whether the screw heat treatment hardness is qualified;
  4. Material testing: If the customer’s factory has liquid medicine or material testing equipment, it is easy to test whether the material is qualified.

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